Kapchar Team

Hi there ! Have you always obsessed over photographs? Do you absolutely love the way they capture the essence of place and time? Have we started to sound like crazy photoholics?! :P

Well, if you are as crazy about photographs as us, then you’ll definitely like our lead photographer, Onam Giri! Photography has always been her first love . This insanity dates back to her college days, when she was obsessed with clicking pictures and turning them into beautiful moments. She was the lead photographer in her college Photography Club(Photofactory). She completed her B-Tech from CET, Bhubaneshwar and she landed a job at Unisys in Hyderabad, but little did she know that her passion for photography will come calling her so fiercely. She left the job, shifted to Bangalore and started working with one of the most renowned and acclaimed photographers, Saulat Zuberi. Since then, she is absolutely enamoured with the art, has been at it with great zest and has loved every minute of it.

We, at Kapchar, perform exquisite photoshoots for weddings, portfolios(male and female) and babies. We believe in spreading smiles, and we do that by helping you preserve your beautiful memories intact, with splendid snapshots that make you cherish them forever

What we Offer?

  • Candid Photography
  • Traditional Photography
  • Traditional Videography
  • Spot Mixing
  • Albums


  • Cinematography
  • Drone
  • Crane
  • Television
  • LED Walls

Why Choose Us?

Photography for us is an art, which has greater depths in it than anyone can perceive, which has more shades to it than any outpouring burst of colours, which is more beautiful than the delicate moments it encapsulates. And we want to soak it all in, one click at a time and give you memory of a lifetime.

Meet Our Team

Onam Giri


Her creativity is always one step ahead of her. She is a great artist, dancer, stylist, chef and of course Photographer and Cinematographer. She is a dreamer and believes in turning dreams to reality. Her mantra: Netflix & Chill...

Subham Khandelwal

Business Developer cum Techie

A tech junkie, has his domain in iOS development. Loves talking to people and manages the business, when he’s not coding and not watching GOT :P

Chetna Sarin


Her creativity sparkles in the photo which she captures. Good food coupled with Jazz can make her day.

Aditya Aryan


He is the guy you can go to for any help in any field. He seems to know it all. He has an eye to details and his editing skills are particuarly unique.

Neha Jagannath


Perpetually effervescent, occasionally loony - she's a dreamer. She loves bringing things around her (real or imagined) to renewed life with her (hopefully) perplexedly eloquent writing.

Ravi Vazirani


After completing a professional diploma in Film and Graduation in English Literature, Ravi has worked on a variety of film projects across the country. He is a Harry Potter fan, LiverpoolFC supporter and Christopher Nolan admirer. Storytelling is his deep passion.

Happy Customers

"#kapchar is doing a wonderful job framing the happy moments of everyone's life! I follow it all time. Guys Plz continue the good work and let us see the wonderful photographies! Kudos to u!"

Shriya Nayak

"Personalized and Sincerely Excited about Our Wedding Day...
Onam and her team were open to listening from the beginning and adding their ideas. They were a sincere team and made their genuine concerns known in advance. They were understanding of our view of what they day is for us.They made sure they were aware of what the venue looked like before the wedding day. Additionally, they were excited from the minute they landed to begin capturing- which added to the excitement of the day. They had concepts planned and discussed. They were patient till the end with the changes made and asked for with the wedding album. A well delegated team and a hassle free deal.
Thank you Onam and team for capturing and making such memories of our wedding day and for making us look even nicer in the pictures."

Esther Priyanka Sundar Neels, Client

"Awesome girls to work with n very talented "

Chithra Manoharan, Makeup Artist