How to Snap Back from a Creative Rut

There are days when you feel really offbeat and pumped up about creating a beautiful photograph that can almost be a spectacle in its own way. But then there are days when you feel you are stuck in a creative rut and cannot feel any motivational vibes to prod you further. Those are the tough times when you feel you’re going down the slump. You feel like you are almost unable to create anything appealing or inspiring enough to gather any acknowledgement. Has that ever happened to you? Well, to me , it has , and many more times than you can imagine. And it’s pretty normal too, to feel like drooping blossoms and slacken off once in a while. What’s more important is how you trump such dreary feelings and spring back to work again!

I have been following certain steps that help me break out of monotony and revitalize myself with new vigor and enthusiasm, time and again. Who knows, may be these pull you through too.

1. Connect with some awesome people.

The ones who can uplift your mood and inspire you in every way. The ones who understand you and appreciate your creativity. Find such people from whom you get to learn a lot of new things! Find them on Instagram, join Facebook groups with them or tweet out your opinions to them ! Try blending in with the local artists, photographers, video-designers, models, tutors, and anyone with true passion and goals, be it seasoned pros or amateurs . These people will guide you, motivate you and make you love and value your work all the more, and before you know ,you’ll be back at it with a bang, in no time!

2. Get outside and explore.

You know best about what tickles your creative bone the most and so, it depends on you, where you would like to work, most of the time. But from my personal experience what works for me is a breath of fresh air after an hour of working at a computer screen! I simply need to head outside to gather some new ideas to get super-artsy and creative at work ! And if you are a teeny-tiny bit like me, I assure you, this will work wonders for you as well. Nature is filled with inspiration and may be what you’re looking for is just around the corner, only if you could take some time out to actually go there, looking for it.

3. Screw procrastination. Just do it

Hardly anyone will admit that they are lazy, but isn’t it common? People get lazy, and laidback in their work. So do I. There, I said it. And before you frown upon my attitude, I will explain how that happens. Why do people tend to get lazy? It’s just because work gets stagnated after a period of time, and most of us do not put in any extra efforts to imbue it with the same passion and energy we started off with, in the first place. So if you’ve not been making such extra efforts, it’s time you made them now. Don’t feel like taking any pictures? Head outside for a walk, stroll around, reignite your imagination, push your creative skills and then come back and do it. Take pictures then and there. Editing? Make those edits. Be spontaneous. And work spontaneously. Take your camera with you wherever you go. Take pictures on a nightout with friends, click and capture every moment that is beautiful to you. Just do the thing. The rest is all gonna get worked out by itself.

Who knows, may be your best work is what you clicked in a random city, on a random street ,flooded with the moonlight, on a not-so-random night.